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Peer support at EDV


EDV operates volunteer-run peer support groups. Groups are essentially peer-to-peer, but a trained volunteer is present at all meetings to ensure that discussions remain safe, supportive and recovery-focused. There are separate groups for people with an eating disorder who want to get well and stay well, and for families and friends.



EDV services


Eating Disorders Victoria provides a range of free, confidential support and information services for people living with an eating disorder and their families and friends. Using a blend of the skills of qualified and compassionate professionals and the unique understanding of people with lived experience, services include:


  • The Eating Disorders Helpline 1300 550 236 or help@eatingdisorders.org.au (Mon-Fri)
  • Facilitated peer support groups, metropolitan and regional
  • Internet chatrooms and message forums (fully moderated for safety)
  • Individual recovery support sessions for people with eating disorders
  • Individual family support sessions

  • 'Kickstart your recovery’ program for people with eating disorder

  • ‘Building Hope’ six-part program for carers of a loved one with an eating disorder

  • Database of public and private specialist treatment facilities and private practitioners
  • Community awareness program: helping to fight eating disorders in the community


Eating Disorders Victoria

Level 2, 16 Lulie Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Helpine 1300 550 236




Working towards a world without eating disorders