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Peer support at ADEC

ADEC offers five mental health peer support groups in four languages: Vietnamese, Turkish, Chinese and Somali. The groups are for people with mental health issues and carers caring for people with mental health issues. They offer people a chance to connect with others from the same cultural background and to share experiences in their first language.


ADEC also offers 13 carer support groups in nine languages. These are primarily for carers caring for people with disabilities other than a mental illness, however some of the participants of the groups care for people with mental health issues as well. The nine languages are Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Dari (for Afghani groups), Japanese and Chin (Burmese).


All the groups (carer support and mental health peer support) are run under Group Activities program at ADEC.

ADEC’s services


ADEC’s Transcultural Mental Health Access Program also offers:


  • Education and training for individuals, service providers and communities
  • Systemic advocacy with government and other decision-makers


For further information, including the Program’s brochure in a range of community languages, please see http://www.adec.org.au/transculturalMentalHealth.html.


ADEC's other services include a range of supports for people with disabilities and their families/carers, including individual advocacy for people with mental health issues and their carers, multicultural respite for carers and ArtAbility™, for people marginalised by ethnicity and disability to express their aspirations, emotions and artistic ability.



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